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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Who can businesses give screening kits to and who can we screen?

At this time you cannot give kits to anyone. They are only for use with your employees that are frequently coming to the workplace. You also cannot screen anyone else other than employees coming to the workplace, this is essential as reporting presumptive positives or inconclusive results may call into question your ability/authority to do so.

Employees have the right to refuse to be screened. When an employee agrees to be screened, they are also giving their consent for you to collect and report the results.

What is the accuracy of these screens?

The screening kits are highly accurate (90%) , however there are circumstances where they may show a false positive or false negative. This is why no one showing symptoms should be screened using these screening kits, as a false negative result could put the organization at risk of exposure. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must get a PCR test and follow public health guidelines.

How do we dispose of the waste?

The screen pad and vial (with the swab and buffering agent in)  are considered hazardous waste. Some businesses may have the ability to dispose of this material safely. If not, then the Chamber has a disposal bin to appropriately dispose of this waste that can be accessed when refilling your order.

How is the screening administered - through the nostril or mouth?

Rapid Antigen Screening is a nasal swab and not invasive. The swab must be inserted into each nostril 2 cm (1 inch) for 5 to 7 seconds, while ensuring the inside of the nostril is wiped by the swab for that time.

Additional Guidance

Please see the attached PDF prepared by the Ministry of Education, Job Creation, and Trade, which provides updates on program guidelines in areas such as reporting, eligibility for who gets tested, self-isolation guidelines etc.

If you have not found the answer to your questions please email:

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